Standard specification

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Painted exterior available on request

  • Choice of internal layout - Shelves and/or hanging rails

  • Double glazed hinged doors

  • Double glazed sliding doors on request (same cost)

  • Full auto defrost with electronic controller

  • Internal illumination with meat coloured tubes

  • Choice of integral or remote unit

Dimensions shown on the right are not fixed.

If you require bespoke measurements let us know as 

everything is built to order.

Standard lengths

Controlled Temperature:


The Optimum temperature is between 2 - 5°C. Any cooler and the meat may become frosty or even freeze. Any warmer, and the rate at which enzymes break down the protein in the muscle fibers may become too quick, and the meat become sticky or tainted.


Controlled Airflow:


There needs to be a gentle flow of air circulating the refrigerated area, with the meat hanging and not resting against any surfaces. Not enough air and the meat cannot release the necessary moisture to achieve the drying process. Too much air and the meat will dry out too quickly. The air flow also keeps bacteria on the meat at an acceptable level.


High Humidity


The cabinet has a very large evaporator coil that maintains a high humidity. This ensures the correct amount of moisture is drawn from the meat. If the humidity is too high the meat can sweat, creating an unpleasant sticky surface.

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