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All Fish Cabinets are constructed entirely from 304 specification stainless steel

  • Temperature -1°C to +2°C for fresh fish. Keeps lower or higher temperature with adjustment of the mechanical thermostat.


  • Each drawer has a drain plate which stops the fish standing in it's own liquor. This does not drain into the cabinet but must be washed out when the drawer is emptied.


  • The cabinets have a drain to the front for defrosting and cleaning only.


  • All cabinets are manual defrost, approximately once a week depending upon usage.


  • A dial thermometer is fitted to all models as standard.


  • Refrigeration: A sealed system with static rear mounted condenser, no fans, no maintenance required. CFC free refrigeration.


  • Allow an extra 1" to width for when the door is opened.


  • Available in 10, 15, 20 & 27.5 stone capacity size.


  • Specifically designed to withstand the rigours of damp and corrosive conditions.


  • Full system refurbishment service is offered on cabinets returned to the factory.


  • FRDD is a direct replacement for the FR30. An improved design, the 11 drawer fish cabinet is complete with 'double doors' to reduce temperature fluctuations when opening and closing the door.

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