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A simple, cost effective way to display and sell a wide variety of prepared food, both hot & cold in a school, college, hospital, hotel, club or cafe environment. Each display comes complete with either a full front glass when assisted serve, or a sneeze glass for self service.

The displays are designed to easily pass thorough a standard door allowing them to be used and then if required put away after the function or event. The displays are competitively priced but without compromising quality, they are constructed from all 304 specification stainless steel and the chilled wells are forced air.

The hot counters are heated from above and below using XL's tried and tested systems, quartz IR lights in the canopy and very efficient pyrobar elements under the food controlled by a +30°C to +120°C thermostat.

The standard working height of the counter is 900mm but this can be altered to suit the customer, so for a Primary school the height for example can be altered to 700 / 750mm as required.




  • Stainless steel construction

  • Feet or castors

  • Choice of finish to the base, please specify your choice of laminate


Optional Extras:


  • Gastronorm containers

  • Hanging bars/ spacers for containers

  • 3 bar trayrail

  • Double sided gantry

  • Carvary Pad

  • Chip Dump

  • Refrigerated or Heated storage to the base section

  • Wet well bain marie to heated displays

  • Granite surround to the well

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