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Items to Clear

A selection of items, either ex-demo or brought back from sites that have re-located or closed.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please call the office as we are currently holding items that are not listed here.

Click on the picture / Contact the office for more details.

3385mm x 860mm

Heated Display with small Ref. Sandwich Prep


Click HERE for more details

WH HEATED (2).jpg
WH - Heated Counter.JPG
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Panoramic Meat Ageing Cabinet

W: 960mm

D: 700mm

H: 2010mm

3x 400mm shelves, 1x hanging bar

Front nose height: 610mm

1x glass end (RH end from the front)

1x solid end (LH end from the front)

NEW Pink LED lighting

Sliding rear doors

Integral system

Call the office for further details

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Used 2400mm Astrid

W: 2400mm

D: 725mm

H: 1775mm

2x 400mm & 1x 300mm Glass Shelves

4x Sliding Glass Doors to the Rear

Integral Refrigeration Units (x2)

Shelving split into 2x Sections


Corian Deck & Front Nose

Laminate Front

300mm Detachable Back Shelf (Corian)

Call the office for further details

BSC 2400mm USED Astrid (3).JPEG
BSC 2400mm USED Astrid (2).JPEG
BSC 2400mm USED Astrid (1).JPEG
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Used 1600mm Open Front Astrid

W: 1600mm

D: 725mm

H: 1350mm

2x 300mm & 1x 200mm Glass Shelves

Sliding Rear Doors

Integral Refrigeration Unit

Call the office for further details

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Used Heated Display (Not XL)

W: 900mm

D: 760mm

H: 1350mm

Front Nose: 500mm

3x Heated Shelves (350mm, 280mm & 200mm)

Heated Unit (Controls to the Front)

Curved End Glass

Ticket Strips

Open Front (Self Service)

Call the office for further details

Heated USED 900.JPEG
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2x Used Butchers Blocks

1@ 1530mm x 615mm

1@ 1200mm x 600mm

Both on stainless steel stands (900mm work height)

Call the office for further details

1200L Block USED.JPEG


1530L Block USED.JPEG


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